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Nina’s Tragedies

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Nina's TragediesIn Nina’s Tragedies, a young boy Nadav tells the story of his family and the unfortunate events surrounding his beautiful aunt Nina, which he happens to be in love with. The film revolves mostly around Nina and her pursuit of happiness that seems to not work out very well due to unlucky coincidence and bad choices. The irony of it all is that even though Nadav is in love with his aunt, he seems to be the most sensible.

The film has its moments, there is a certain kind of fragile tenderness to many of scenes, like when Nadav reconciles with his father or the many scenes in which Nina finds some semblance of happiness, only to have it go away all too quickly. Like it or not, these silly emotional moments in life happen, and this film tries to show them for what they are. Although most viewers will need to suffer through the subtitles, the film still manages to be quite enjoyable. I refrain from recommending it to everyone, since not everyone enjoys romantic drama or may think this film a bit too silly in some scenes.

3.5 out 5 stars

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