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Grandma’s Boy

Posted by Player under Comedy

Grandma's BoySometimes you need to sit back and watch a stupid movie. Grandma’s Boy is the perfect stupid movie. While I doubt it will reach the cult status of Office Space or Old School, this Adam Sandler produced film does describe a lot of the funny aspects of men and their video game culture. The film is basically about Alex (Allen Covert), who is an aging video game tester and stoner. Alex finds himself homeless due to his irresponsible roommate, and being unable to relate to any people his own age, he finds himself at his grandmother’s house. Doris Roberts of Everybody Loves Ramon fame, plays the grandmother, who happens to live with two other older ladies. It is somewhat like moving in with the Golden Girls. But just as Alex tries to adjust to his new living conditions at home, his work life changes when a young female executive is brought in to make sure the new video game ships on time. In between all of this Alex tries to just be his usual laid back self, even if things don’t go his way.

If you really wanted to you could redo this film and make the story be about responsibility and how you need to grow up and stop smoking weed, and all that, but this is not that kind of movie. Grandma’s Boy is simply a fun movie about seeing funny stuff and not really about life lessons or morals. Like I said sometimes you need to relax and watch something stupid like Grandma’s Boy. In the end the film is not as funny Old School, which had a similar theme, but Grandma’s Boy has a chimpanzee named Monkey, and everyone knows that any movie that has a chimp has to be good!

4 out 5 stars

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