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Nacho Libre

Posted by Player under Comedy

Nacho LibreAs a kid I remember fondly watching Mexican Wrestling on television and as a parent I watch Mucha Lucha with my kids, so when Nacho Libre came out, there was something irresistable about seeing Jack Black in stretchy pants. As expected Nacho Libre is an excellent kids film. The story revolves around Jack Black’s character, Nacho, a man who is conflicted between his service to the Church and his childhood dream of being a professional wrestler. Eventually Nacho’s life changes for the better when a new nun (Sister Encarnacion) moves into the monastery and he realizes that his childhood dream could become a reality. He soon convinces the homeless Esqueleto to join him in the ring as a way to become famous. Together the two lose many battles but eventually somehow Nacho lands the fight of a life time.

Unlike other kid oriented films, which try to push adult themes to reach a more adult audience, Nacho Libre sticks to physical comedy and the ever popular fart joke every now and then. Even Nacho’s romantic feelings for Encarnacion are conveyed with very effective humor. As an adult, I kept waiting for Nacho to kiss the girl, but it never happened, because the movie never tries to cater to adults. And perhaps this is why Jack Black is brilliant as Nacho, he makes the movie be entirely about the childhood dream of wrestling, which I must admit is still appealing to the kid inside me after all these years. Everyone wants to wear stretchy pants and be a luchador, it’s just that once you are an adult you tell yourself it is a bit silly.

4 out 5 stars

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