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Superman Returns

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Superman ReturnsOne of the most anticipated films this summer was Superman Returns. It was a project that Bryan Singer chose to make instead of directing the third X-Men film. In most ways, Singer does manage to make a very good film that compares well to the original Superman film which featured Christopher Reeves as Superman. However, Superman is not exactly a very modern superhero and there is something of a problem with audiences identifying with The Man of Steel. Personally, more recent comic book films like Spawn, The Punisher, and Blade speak volumes about what exactly is cool in the comics world. Superman appears to be stuck in a nostalgic view of what a superhero used to be. This makes Singer’s Superman Returns a traditional Superman film, but it also makes it less appealing to many older audiences, myself included. For younger kids, Superman Returns works and I am sure that the film will be memorable for them.

3 out 5 stars

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