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Star Wars III

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Star Wars: Revenge of the SithLast night, I was a bit bored with regular television, and decided to browse my DVD collection and see if there was anything I could throw on the DVD player and make for an enjoyable evening. I decided to give Star Wars III another chance. I only saw the film in the theater and once, when I originally picked up the DVD months ago. Since then our television set died and we replaced it with a beautiful Sony flat screen 1080 LCD monitor, so at last I can view widescreen movies in all their glory.

It always amazes me how different films can look at home, where DVD includes more frames and makes some action sequences more fluid and natural (I’m mostly thinking of Gladiator, which has some blindingly fast action scenes), or can totally bring out how badly an action sequence actually is. In the case of Star Wars III, the DVD brings out just how cartoon like Star Wars is, from the goofy looking jumps that the Jedis make all the time, to the overly shiny exteriors of Star Wars vehicles, it all looks very unrealistic and plastic like. This is in sharp contrast to the natural looking backgrounds of The Lord of The Rings films.

But let me get to the main point, which is how incredibly bad the new Star Wars films are. Revenge of The Sith, has a pretty simple moral to its story, but it gets totally ignored by George Lucas’s terrible directing and computer generated graphics that neither add to the story nor look good. All I kept thinking as I watch Natalie Portman cry is “Don’t worry Natalie you’ll actually be in good movies after this, like V For Vendetta, your career is not over!” Lucas had a good overall idea for the new trilogy, essentially it is the Jedi who misunderstand The Force, because they have made their religion so strict and passionless, that they no longer can trust their own instincts. The Sith only understand the opposite, The Force to them can only be powerful if it is practiced and executed with emotion and sheer will. When Anakin comes along and seems to possess both emotion and The Force, both sides try to use him, but alas Anakin is unbalanced and instead of changing their religion to help the young Skywalker, the Jedi end up losing him to The Sith. Their failure ultimately is their own inability to change with The Force. Of course in the end it is Anakin’s son, Luke who is balanced enough and which The Force ultimately chooses as the true Jedi. Ultimately Star Wars is about The Force, a religion of balance that wants both discipline and passion.

The irony is that just like the Jedi Council could not foresee their own demise, Lucas’s Star Wars creation no longer holds its place as the best trilogy ever made. The current generation of kids may remember Star Wars, but they’ll also remember Lord of The Rings and The Matrix Trilogy as being far more interesting and better done films, than Revenge of The Sith.

I will give Lucas credit for having a great scene where he shows Anakin legless and on fire. That looked incredibly cool, but of course he ruins it by having Obi-Wan say how much he loved Anakin?

2.5 out 5 stars

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