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Blades of Glory

Posted by Player under Comedy

Blades of GloryWill Ferrell is back as professional skater Chazz Michael Michaels in Blades of Glory. By this time, we are use to seeing Ferrell in all sorts of comedies, and while some of his characters are extremely endearing, others are quite forgettable. This time the story revolves around a couple of male skaters who are polar opposites. Chazz is the rockstar of the skating world, a sexual and emotional skater who ends up being banned from skating when he and fellow skater Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) brawl each other during medals presentation. Years later Jimmy and Chazz find out they can still compete in couples skating and are reunited with Jimmy’s old coach and the skating world is never the same.

The results are mixed. While Blades of Glory is incredibly funny in some places, it feels like a half hearted attempt to make fun of skating. The movie seems to be too superficial and does not really try to insult its main subject matter, unlike Zoolander which totally makes fun of every aspect of the male fashion world. Another missed target for the film is that unlike Ferrell’s previous film in which he played the race car driver Ricky Bobby, Blades of Glory really does not give us enough quirky characters. All of the characters in Blades of Glory are predictable stereo types, there are no interesting aspects. We don’t get much background on any character, other than a few background details like Chazz growing up in Detroit.

I think most movie fans wanted to embrace this film. People love comedies and Blades of Glory had plenty of potential, but it held back most of time and never took the time to grow any of its characters.

3 out 5 stars

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  1. jonathanhart |

    I love Will Ferrell and I am a die hard fan of all his movies that are along the same vein, Old School, Talledega Nights etc. His character Chazz was funny, but at times it was the same character but with long hair and skater tights. When the mascot (or whatever that thing was)caught on fire when he and Jon Heder’s character fought was straight out of Old School. The movie is full of stereotypes, but they are portrayed so over the top you can’t help but laugh. I still can’t see Jon Heder as anything other than Napoleon Dynamite, I’m sorry. He was average at best. Overall the movie had more bright spots than dull, but I think a co-star with more character than Jon Heder would have made the movie more enjoyable. I recommend it. I stumbled on a hilarious site called spill.com where animated characters do movie reviews. Check that out for a laugh and check out Blades of Glory

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