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GrindhouseGrindhouse is a throwback to a time when people enjoyed watching movies at their local theater. The idea was to give modern audiences the experience of a cheap theater show, by putting together a couple of low budget films with some funny previews of equally low budget horror movies. The end result is an action packed Planet Terror by Robert Rodriquez and the more dramatic Death Proof by Quentin Tarentino. While Planet Terror is reminiscent of a good zombie film, with plenty of action and funny character lines, Death Proof seems like a 70’s exploitation film that starts out slow and then jumps into action at the end. By far I think Planet Terror was the better film, and while it was interesting to see women talk candidly about sex in Death Proof, it was also sometimes too slow to watch after you finished watching Planet Terror.

The main star of Planet Terror is of course the voluptuous Rose McGowan, but from watching her in this film, you might not recognize her. Rodriguez is unique among directors in that he is always able to show his actresses in a totally different way. If you see Salma Hayek in Desperado or Once Upon A Time In Mexico, you can immediately see that Rodriquez shoots Salma like very few directors. He actually makes her look taller by using different angles, and for McGowan, he makes the two most noticeable parts of her appearance disappear, namely her chin’s cleft and her breasts. McGowan looks taller, leaner, and sexier in this film, and by end she kind of reminded me of Angelina Jolie.

4 out 5 stars

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