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Tropic Thunder

Posted by Player under Comedy

Tropic ThunderThe war movie is as classic as the war novel, but just because something is classic, does not mean we can’t make fun of it. I suppose Ben Stiller had that in mind when he put together this satire of a movie about making a movie of a war movie. Together with Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Nic Nolte, and even Tom Cruise, Stiller tells the hardship of Hollywood actors trying to survive the physical dangers of acting and the emotional heartbreaks of not being able to cry on camera or have a real friend.

Stiller plays the action star whose acting abilities are in doubt and whose time in the spotlight is quickly fading, while Downey Jr. plays the talented actor who has no real friends in real life. Everything goes astray, once their director places them in harm’s way, in order to save the film from being a catastrophe. Too bad the drug dealers do not play along and end up capturing Stiller and holding him ransom. What ensues is a series of great explosions, out of Rambo II and Platoon, and eventually Jack Black in his underwear, screaming “My Ass!!!”.

Overall, Tropic Thunder is not the greatest movie ever made, but if you ever saw a war action movie in the last two decades, you’ll laugh at the satire that shows up in this movie.

3 out 5 stars

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