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Meet The Spartans

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Meet The SpartansSometimes, you just feel like relaxing and watching something totally silly and that where pretty much Meet The Spartans fits into your movie watching schedule. There really has not been a good spoof comedy since The Wayans Brothers did Scary Movie, that is until now. Unlike all the other crappy spoofs out there that totally suck, Meet The Spartans actually is funny and manages to entertain by aiming most of its jokes at the original movie 300. While 300 was this macho tale of brave Spartan soldiers that came off as too over the top to even approach being a good film, Meet The Spartans brings everything down a few notches and makes fun of muscle bound Spartans, teen idol celebs like Britney and Paris Hilton, and manages to make you laugh at how silly some of the actual scenes in 300 really are. There are some misses though, where the movie tries too hard but overall the entire spoof works very well if you you have seen 300.

However, Meet The Spartans is rather short for a recent film and could be proof that you can only make so many jokes about another film that you are spoofing, and even then the movie is not as original as Scary Movie. For more hilarious 300 spoofing, check out the South Park episode D-Yikes!.

3 out 5 stars

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