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Razor Blade Smile

Posted by Player under Horror

Razor Blade Smile

Eileen Daly stars as Lilith Silver, a vampire and contract assassin that is sinfully erotic. Razor Blade Smile is a great vampire movie that does not take itself too seriously, and which many reviewers called wonderfully camp. It is also one of my favorite low budget films that I happen to watch last year.

The story is pretty simple. Lilith Silver is made into a vampire over 150 years ago and has learned to cherish the vampire life, even delighting in the blood orgasm that her victims become. There is even an eroticism to dying well which she elaborates on as she kills her gothic friend in what is perhaps one of the most sexual lesbian vampire scenes ever filmed. But Silver is complicated too, and her emotions are drawn in multiple locations including her male friend who takes care of getting her new contract jobs. In the background though is a secret society of masons who are trying to trap Silver.

The visuals in the film are not stellar, and some of the special effects will not impress, but what Razor Blade Smile really features is a different view on the vampire theme. I was actually impressed with the sound quality of the DVD release more than anything. Usually sound is terrible is low budget films, but Razor Blade Smile really has quite remarkable audio quality.

4 out 5 stars

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