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I’m Not Scared

Posted by Player under Foreign

I'm Not ScaredI’m Not Scared (Io Non ho Paura) is an Italian film that tells the story of two young boys: Michele and the Filippo who he discovers living in a hole by an old farm house. The two boys form a friendship, and in time Michele discovers the sad truths of life, but his bond with Filippo holds true till the end.

I’m Not Scared is so innocent in places, that it made me think why can’t Hollywood make a film this charming, this simplistic. It seems that the best Hollywood can do is give us fluff and never anything serious or touching. While watching this film, you get a true sense of a child’s point of view and why things don’t make sense to them when the adult world invades their sensibilities. Best of all the film is not very dark at all, it is still realistic, but it does not shock you with violence for no reason, and holds true till the end with its theme of friendship and boys who are just trying to live in the world as they see it.

The DVD release has English subtitles, which you will hardly notice, because there is not much excessive dialogue in the film. Even though the subject matter is children, the film is an adult drama and not intended for children.

4 out 5 stars

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