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MovieComment CartoonBack in 2005, I had the idea to start a site that catered to just film reviews. As I got busier with other web related projects, I kept putting this idea on my todo list and never actually doing it. When 2006 rolled around, I knew I was just hesitating for too long, so I jumped right in and started MovieComment.com as a blog site for film reviews. Initially my idea was to have different authors write reviews, but as luck would have it, finding talented writers is pretty darn hard, so today most of the content on MovieComment.com is written by me exclusively.

In August of 2008, I felt guilty about neglecting MovieComment.com for over a year and so I invested some time and gave the site a new WordPress theme and added some more content. The new design is brighter and more attractive for a film reviews site.

Personally I prefer movie reviews that do not give away too much of the film. Instead most of the reviews that I write for MovieComment, tend to give you a general feel for what was done very well and what did not work, without giving away the plot twists or end. I totally hate it when critics give away the end and spoil the movie for you.

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