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American Wedding

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American Pie: American WeddingThat is right the Pie Fucker is getting married to the Band Camp Geek!

The American Pie gang is back in what marks their third film together, well at least most of them. The Oz and his woman Mena, along with Elizabeth Shannon and Tare Reid are missing this time around.

Since this is the third film in the series, the characters are not as well introduced, and since they are familiar to most of us already, the film is short on exposition, and long on ridiculous humor. It seemed like the film is little too pieced together between joke after joke, but overall this is a comedy, and you will find yourself laughing completely throughout this movie!

The story starts out with Jim asking his woman Michelle to marry him and so the wedding plans begin for the big day, with friends Kevin and Finch helping him out. Jim and Michelle hope to avoid inviting the Stiffler, but through a series of events, Stiffler ends up being an integral part of the wedding. Ironically, unlike the previous films where Stiffler was the comic relief, in this film I found myself identifying more with Stiffler than any of the other male leads. Let’s face it Stiffler is pretty much the common guy, who saids stupid shit all the time, but still winds up being a very good friend. Most of us can identify with that on some level. In the process of the wedding, Stiffler grows up a little for the first time and it makes for a really good storyline. New to the cast is Michelle’s sister who of course if the aim of both Finch and Stiffler’s advancements. And in case you are wondering what Jim does this time around, well it is not as bad as Stiffler’s stunts, but let me just say two words: “pubic hair”! Jim’s dad is also back and the fatherly talk still comes in handy for those unique situations when young people need a little guidance.

In all American Wedding is a good film to sit back and watch with your friends and enjoy. It is funnier than the last film and although a little wanting in its transitions, it still will make you bust out laughing.

3.5 out 5 stars


View From The Top

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View From The TopGwenyth Paltrow stars as a small town girl who manages to out grow her small town obstacles to achieve her big dreams of being sophisticated, traveled, and not tied down to her roots. This is perhaps the strangest movie I’ve seen in a while. It is not entirely obvious if this is suppose to be a comedy (it is not funny enough), a drama, (it is not dramatic enough), or a fastly put together film based around a really good actress who should have passed on this project. I definitely think it is the last one.

Character wise, Paltrow seems halfway between a ditz, a slut, and a terrible dresser. She is neither appealing, nor profoundly amazing in this film. The rest of the supporting cast is a combination of famous actors, like Candice Bergman who plays the world’s most famous Airline Flight Attendant, but neither are they crucial to the film, nor really interesting. Even the Christinia Applegate character is uninspiring, even though her character is central to the plot’s course.

Perhaps the point of the film was to be a comedy romance, but even here the lead male part is unbelievable and forgettable. If you are looking to see a good comedy romance or romantic comedy, then I suggest any film by Reese Whitherspoon, because at least in those films so far the comedy actually is funny and Whitherspoon is a pretty good actress as well.

2 out 5 stars


50 First Dates

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50 First Dates50 First Dates pairs Adam Sandler with Drew Berrymore, who he starred with in Wedding Singer. This time Berrymore plays Lucy, a local girl who suffers from a short term memory problem due to an accident she suffered a year ago. Henry (Adam Sandler) is the usual guy in his 30’s who seems to just be idling away until love comes his way. When the two meet, Henry finds himself strangely attracted to Lucy and then is told of her memory problem by a mutual friend, still Henry tries to pursue the hopeless situation until he is both accepted and totally in love.

The usual supporting cast of Sandler regulars round out the cast. There is even an excellent performance by Rob Schneider as Henry’s best friend, and unlike in other films, I actually thought Schneider put his best performance yet for a comedic actor…. in other words, he was great and not terrible like in the terrible film: The Hot Chick! Berrymore of course puts in a good performance, but props have to go to the animals in the film, especially the walrus who provides most of the funniest moments in the film.

But 50 First Dates is a romantic comedy, and so there is a lot of emotional moments, I would even say that the film ends up being rather serious. I know it had my girlfriend reaching for the tissue box plenty of times. Ironically if 50 First Dates is any sign, Adam Sandler may be the greatest actor of our generation, cause the guy makes some of the most tender moments happen on film. He can make us laugh and cry, and that is pretty hard to do of any one actor.

4 out 5 stars


Bad Santa

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Bad SantaBilly Bob Thornton stars in this unapologetic attack on Christmas Holiday Cheer. As a drunk, lazy, worthless thief, and even less human being, Willie Stokes has given up on life. Now down to his last job with his midget associate, he plans to cash it all in and end it all. But not before he has sex with large women in the dressing room, teaches a pathetic fat kid to stand up for himself, and moves into a house he does not owns. Pretty much Stokes is everything that one uncle, that everyone hates in your family is. He swears at children, pisses in his pants, and has no decency at all.

If you absolutely hate Christmas this movie is for you. If you want cheap laughs then perhaps this movie is still for you, but there is nothing about Stokes that is likeable, so be prepared to just hate some of this movie for being worthless and just plain mean at times.

The best scense are when of course the cops shoot Stokes as he is unarmed and dressed as Santa. Second best is the scene where he beats up a kid by punching him in the face. And lastly, the scene where he, the midget, and the kid all kick eachother in the balls.

There are some good performances by the late Jon Ritter as an uptight manager, and Bernie Mac as the head of mall security.

In the end, most people won’t know what to make of Bad Santa. It is vile and worthless to most people who still think of Christmas as a great time of year.

4 out 5 stars