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I’m Not Scared

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I'm Not ScaredI’m Not Scared (Io Non ho Paura) is an Italian film that tells the story of two young boys: Michele and the Filippo who he discovers living in a hole by an old farm house. The two boys form a friendship, and in time Michele discovers the sad truths of life, but his bond with Filippo holds true till the end.

I’m Not Scared is so innocent in places, that it made me think why can’t Hollywood make a film this charming, this simplistic. It seems that the best Hollywood can do is give us fluff and never anything serious or touching. While watching this film, you get a true sense of a child’s point of view and why things don’t make sense to them when the adult world invades their sensibilities. Best of all the film is not very dark at all, it is still realistic, but it does not shock you with violence for no reason, and holds true till the end with its theme of friendship and boys who are just trying to live in the world as they see it.

The DVD release has English subtitles, which you will hardly notice, because there is not much excessive dialogue in the film. Even though the subject matter is children, the film is an adult drama and not intended for children.

4 out 5 stars


Animation coming to a DVD near you

Posted by GardenHead under MovieComment

In today’s cinema, slick computer graphics powered movies by Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks, populate the multiplex like a horde of 3-D modeled oompa loompas.

However, if the current horde of slick and fast animation is not your thing, this past year has offered up not one but two surprisingly successful hand made stop motion animation films that are as delightful as anything that was designed with a click of the mouse, (Insert your own bad Disney joke here).

Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride is a beautifully rendered tone poem to the stop motion art form. Just nominated for an Oscar for best animation feature; the film is a delightfully moody look at the afterlife. The vibrant colors and upbeat songs sung by the dead in the underworld makes you yean to stop making payments on your student loans and keel over and join in on all the dead fun!

Does the movie drag in a few places? Does a few of the Corpse Bride songs sound like remixes from Tim Burton’s Nightmare? Damn skippy on both counts. But this can be forgiven, because the movie is a stunner to look at, and the voice talent of Johnny Depp, Emily Watson, and Helena Bonham Carter all bring to life their characters with strong voice performances.

Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromitt shorts have long left fans yearning for a full length feature starring the cheese loving duo. So many current kiddie films feel the need to throw in the occasional blue joke to keep the soccer mom’s and dad’s awake.

Thankfully The Curse of the Were-Rabbit resists this weird and disturbing trend and still manages to turn out a cheeky and fun filled age appropiate experience. This film was also nominated in the Best Oscar field, and although Burton’s Bride is now out on DVD you must wait another week to pick up the Were Rabbit. Comparing the Were-Rabbit and Burton’s Bride is like comparing play-doh sculpted apples and oranges.

Burton’s film is a darker more moody and mature film, while Park’s Rabbit is a marvelous and fluffy bright spot of film making. Both films are worth picking up and addnig to your collection!

Now if clay ain’t yer thang, and you are a fan of the computer thing with puppets slapped in for good measure, Dave McKean, and Neal “Goth God” Gaiman’s MirrorMask is coming out on DVD on Fe. 14th. This is a great and jangly piece of film making! Mos def take a look at this one if you didn’t catch it in it’s limited release.


Razor Blade Smile

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Razor Blade Smile

Eileen Daly stars as Lilith Silver, a vampire and contract assassin that is sinfully erotic. Razor Blade Smile is a great vampire movie that does not take itself too seriously, and which many reviewers called wonderfully camp. It is also one of my favorite low budget films that I happen to watch last year.

The story is pretty simple. Lilith Silver is made into a vampire over 150 years ago and has learned to cherish the vampire life, even delighting in the blood orgasm that her victims become. There is even an eroticism to dying well which she elaborates on as she kills her gothic friend in what is perhaps one of the most sexual lesbian vampire scenes ever filmed. But Silver is complicated too, and her emotions are drawn in multiple locations including her male friend who takes care of getting her new contract jobs. In the background though is a secret society of masons who are trying to trap Silver.

The visuals in the film are not stellar, and some of the special effects will not impress, but what Razor Blade Smile really features is a different view on the vampire theme. I was actually impressed with the sound quality of the DVD release more than anything. Usually sound is terrible is low budget films, but Razor Blade Smile really has quite remarkable audio quality.

4 out 5 stars


The Cave

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The CaveCave explorers are hired to map out what is thought to be one of the largest unexplored caves ever found and wind up in trouble as they discover they are now prey for mysterious creatures. The Cave has elements of Pitch Black and Aliens, but does not deliver enough character depth to keep you entertained. As for main stars, the only star I recognized is Piper Perabo of Coyote Ugly who puts in an interesting performance in one action scene.

2.5 out 5 stars