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R.O.D. – Read or Die

Posted by Player under Animation

R.O.D. - Read or DieThis is our first Anime review for MovieComment, and I am no expert on it, so don’t expect much in the way of background on the genre. Anyway, Yomiko Readman, aka The Paper, is the main star of this unusual story, in which the world is being threaten with total destruction and secret agents recruit The Paper to stop the plot. However, The Paper is a geek with special powers that manipulate paper! I know it sounds strange, but they make it work somehow. Of course they throw in a hot looking spy girl named Nancy to make it more interesting. The film is really about Yomiko and Nancy and their relationship.

In between of course, both Yomiko and Nancy fight resurrected super bad guys who have magical powers and all sorts of cool fighting moves. Nancy has the power to pass through solid objects and the two complement each others powers throughout the story. The DVD breaks up the film into multiple episodes, with the middle episode being the best in which the two end up in India fighting a super villian that is almost godlike in powers.

By the end of the story, the film turns more into a regular spy film, where the agents have to save the world and destroy the rocket and all that. R.O.D. does have some weak character development, but almost every character introduced is interesting, and about the only thing I did not like about R.O.D. was having to speed read some of the English subtitles. For those of you who hate subtitles there is an English 5.1 soundtrack as well.

4 out 5 stars


Dung fong saam hap (The Heroic Trio)

Posted by GardenHead under Action

Dung fong saam hapI am a big Michelle Yeoh fan, and the western studios might not know what to do with such a fine actress except to turn her into a Bond Girl (The sole exception being her turn in the sadly uneven Memoirs of a Geisha). This film though, The Heroic Trio is a blast of a film.

The wire work in Heroic Trio is entertaining and well done, you see what the Matrix did with all the actors jumping on walls and spinning through the air, and you can’t watch films like Kill Bill and the Matrix films without seeing that these more modern high bedget films owes a strong debt of gratitude to the comic book-esque stylings of the Heroic Trio.

This film has it all, hot chicks in leather sporting super powers, there’s canibals, and children in distress, the action moves quick and you really get wrapped up in the story.

This is a great film, and if you have not yet checked it out, it is mos def worth a look!

4 out 5 stars


Lady Snowblood

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Lady SnowbloodKnown to many people as one of the many films that helped to inspire Tarentino to come up with Kill Bill, Lady Snowblood is an outright seek revenge film, where a young woman, known as Yuki (Meiko Kaji), is born for the single purpose of vengeance. We never know who Yuki’s father is, all we know is that Yuki must find the four murderers who killed her mother’s husband and son. From the beginning Yuki is an unflinching killer and it is only later that she discovers any sort of individual wants, when she meets a writer who insists on making her a source for his writings. It is through his words that Yuki becomes a legend and an annoyance to the criminal world. Kill Bill fans will recognize some of the soundtrack, as Tarentino used one of the main theme songs from Lady Snowblood.

3.5 out 5 stars

Lady Snowblood: Love Song of VengeanceIn Love Song of Vengeance, the story picks up exactly where the first film leaves off. Some will find the production value of Love Song to be more up-to-date, and while the first film was clearly a kill movie, Love Song is more of a political drama. Yuki is now famous for her murders, but she is also wanted by the government’s secret police. They want to use Yuki as an agent to infiltrate the radical rebels who want to change the country’s political system. However Yuki is tired of her empty life of killing and is instead seduced by the radical leader’s philosophy. Yuki instead becomes an agent of the rebels and their struggle for independent freedom from government oppression. Or course this all leads to plenty of fighting in the end, but unlike the first film, Love Song has more developed characters and Yuki’s role sometimes plays secondary to the social issues that the film presents.

3 out 5 stars



Posted by GardenHead under Animation

HoodwinkedIs this one as good as The Incredibles? No. Is it as unfunny as Ice Age? No. So there you have it! This one isn’t really that bad, in fact it’s a rather enjoyable movie in the Shrek vein of story telling, where you have this synthisis of fairy tale stuff jumbled together around a plot. And while the plot in Hoodwinked is good, it just isn’t very funny. Neither is the animation up to snuff. The animation is just a smudge better than that of PS2 graphics, and studios like Pixar and Dreamworks have set the bar pretty high for slick and fast looking computer animation that Hoodwinked does not stand up to in comparison.

Having said all that this is a fun flick to take the kiddies to, or if you’re in college and dating a sorority chick english major, and can’t stand setting through yet another chick flick, go see this one!

2.5 out 5 stars