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Grandma’s Boy

Posted by Player under Comedy

Grandma's BoySometimes you need to sit back and watch a stupid movie. Grandma’s Boy is the perfect stupid movie. While I doubt it will reach the cult status of Office Space or Old School, this Adam Sandler produced film does describe a lot of the funny aspects of men and their video game culture. The film is basically about Alex (Allen Covert), who is an aging video game tester and stoner. Alex finds himself homeless due to his irresponsible roommate, and being unable to relate to any people his own age, he finds himself at his grandmother’s house. Doris Roberts of Everybody Loves Ramon fame, plays the grandmother, who happens to live with two other older ladies. It is somewhat like moving in with the Golden Girls. But just as Alex tries to adjust to his new living conditions at home, his work life changes when a young female executive is brought in to make sure the new video game ships on time. In between all of this Alex tries to just be his usual laid back self, even if things don’t go his way.

If you really wanted to you could redo this film and make the story be about responsibility and how you need to grow up and stop smoking weed, and all that, but this is not that kind of movie. Grandma’s Boy is simply a fun movie about seeing funny stuff and not really about life lessons or morals. Like I said sometimes you need to relax and watch something stupid like Grandma’s Boy. In the end the film is not as funny Old School, which had a similar theme, but Grandma’s Boy has a chimpanzee named Monkey, and everyone knows that any movie that has a chimp has to be good!

4 out 5 stars


Nina’s Tragedies

Posted by Player under Foreign

Nina's TragediesIn Nina’s Tragedies, a young boy Nadav tells the story of his family and the unfortunate events surrounding his beautiful aunt Nina, which he happens to be in love with. The film revolves mostly around Nina and her pursuit of happiness that seems to not work out very well due to unlucky coincidence and bad choices. The irony of it all is that even though Nadav is in love with his aunt, he seems to be the most sensible.

The film has its moments, there is a certain kind of fragile tenderness to many of scenes, like when Nadav reconciles with his father or the many scenes in which Nina finds some semblance of happiness, only to have it go away all too quickly. Like it or not, these silly emotional moments in life happen, and this film tries to show them for what they are. Although most viewers will need to suffer through the subtitles, the film still manages to be quite enjoyable. I refrain from recommending it to everyone, since not everyone enjoys romantic drama or may think this film a bit too silly in some scenes.

3.5 out 5 stars



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FoxfireFoxfire is one of Angelina Jolie’s earlier films. The storyline tells the coming of age struggles of four young women whose lives change immediately after meeting a drifter named Legs (played by Angelina Jolie). At first the film seems to be like most mediocre films you see on Lifetime or worse an Afterschool movie, but Jolie’s performance manages to keep you interested. Legs is not only dangerous, she’s also quite genuine it seems. It is unfortunate that the film drifts into the same stereotype of lesbian love and rape themes that almost every female coming of age story ends up talking about. Perhaps these themes are important, but perhaps script writers use this theme as a crutch to make semi-boring storylines more interesting. In this case it made the film more ordinary and boring.

However, Foxfire is not quite as bad as watching The View. You still have some interesting characters and you still have Angelina Jolie. If you actually took all the characters and made them boys, it would actually work too. That is what I found interesting about Foxfire, the coming of age story was a little less girly than most other films. It’s just that they ruined it by throwing in a lesbian love story which wasn’t needed and which made the film too predictable.

3 out 5 stars