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Clerks II

Posted by Player under Comedy

Clerks IIIt’s been ten years since Kevin Smith came out with a black and white film that seemed to capture the attitude and thoughts of those of us working in crappy service jobs. While I did not always think the original Clerks film was great, there is no denying it has a certain cult following and certain lines, that are still being repeated today! So does Kevin Smith’s sequel live up the expectations of those of us who are in their thirties now?

We rejoin Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson) at their new jobs. Due to circumstances beyond their control, they are now working at a Mooby’s, dishing out burgers and insults to the usual customers. Dante has finally met the right woman (Emma) and is about to leave New Jersey and move to Florida, where he is going to get married and work at a car wash. On the grill is Randal, who has not changed at all and is still the same old smart ass that we remember from this first film. The story revolves around Dante and the choice he must make to either go away with Emma to Florida and live the perfect life or stay in New Jersey with Randal, his best friend. To complicate things further for Dante, he has feelings for his boss Becky, played by Rosario Dawson. In between Dante’s drama, Randal is having a hard time telling Dante how he feels about losing his best friend and being left behind in New Jersey. As usual Randal can’t just tell Dante, he has to give him clues and the strangest one of all involves a donkey show. Needless to say Jay and Silent Bob are back as well. This time they are out of rehab and while no longer taking drugs themselves, they feel it is still okay to sell them to others.

The funniest lines in Clerks II, are definitely Randal’s. His review of the Lord of The Rings films is right on target and I found myself in total agreement. There are some other funny ideas in the film, like the pillowpants troll and Jay’s performance of Silence of The Lambs, but in all the film is really about Randal, even though Kevin Smith tries to make it about Dante.

Clerks II is not as raw or as clever as the original. You get the feeling that the anger and immaturity is not there anymore and Kevin Smith tries to appease his audience with a little bit more Jersey Girl sentimentality, instead of focusing more on Randal, which is the real reason why we liked Clerks to begin with. Clerks II still has good moments, and it’s still worth seeing, but it is not in the same status as the original.

3 out 5 stars


Superman Returns

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Superman ReturnsOne of the most anticipated films this summer was Superman Returns. It was a project that Bryan Singer chose to make instead of directing the third X-Men film. In most ways, Singer does manage to make a very good film that compares well to the original Superman film which featured Christopher Reeves as Superman. However, Superman is not exactly a very modern superhero and there is something of a problem with audiences identifying with The Man of Steel. Personally, more recent comic book films like Spawn, The Punisher, and Blade speak volumes about what exactly is cool in the comics world. Superman appears to be stuck in a nostalgic view of what a superhero used to be. This makes Singer’s Superman Returns a traditional Superman film, but it also makes it less appealing to many older audiences, myself included. For younger kids, Superman Returns works and I am sure that the film will be memorable for them.

3 out 5 stars